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ESAR Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

At AMCO, we are committed to quality requirements of the highest standard. We make sure quality is adhered to throughout our operations from sampling to final shipment. Quality Assurance is an inherent part of our services and we ensure that our customers do not face any problem at any stage

Apparel Inspection

The product on order is inspected at every step of the production process.

  • Our Quality Assurance and Merchandising team visits
    factory location to evaluate pre-production sample, patterns
    etc to approve for trial production
  • Quality Assurance team evaluates trial production and then
    finally approves forbulk production
  • As bulk production starts, our Quality Assurance team goes
    for in-line inspection. This in-line inspection during
    production is performed on daily basis.

Needle Work & Assurance Quality Level(A.Q.L)

Our Quality policy adheres to a 4-point fabric quality standard, zero defects in-line, 2.5 A.Q.L. for field audits, and 4.0 A.Q.L. for audits prior to shipment.

Our quality assurance team is focused “at the fabric, needle & hand feel” or during the manufacturing processes to ensure the final product meets buyer’s quality standards. Our goal is to deliver sharp, crisp, clean garments of outstanding quality and value.