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The success of AMCO is primarily because of the system that has been
placed at all stages of the production process.


Our cutting department cuts the fabric according to the quantity and size. Our cutting helpers do the numbering on the cut panels to avoid the shading and mixing of the sizes.


We follow chain system in our stitching lines. Our production supervisors take targets according to set layouts and our quality controllers ensure the quality standard during the stitching process.


Our finishing department is responsible for the thread cutting and the overall quality of the garment.


We steam press the garments and then move them to the packing department where they tag and pack according to customer requirements.


During the whole process of production, our quality assurance inspectors do quality inspections to ensure the products sizing, shading and embellishments are as per the customer specification.stitching process

Expert Management

When each shipment is ready then our Expert management  team will do a final inspection  and clear the shipment for delivery